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Toggle check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category Target version % Done
3684TâcheNouveauNormalRevert iText version to 2.1.7 to be compatible with lgplÉric ChatellierÉric Chatellier04/30/2015 03:54 PMdependencies2.2

3683AnomalieNouveauNormalliteral_block classes attribute is skipped durint html renderingÉric ChatellierÉric Chatellier04/29/2015 10:18 AMgeneration docutils2.2

3633AnomalieNouveauNormalJRST plugin should not load file from remote repositoriesDavid Cossé02/10/2015 05:03 PMdependencies2.2

3529TâcheNouveauNormalFix tests broken since doxia 1.6 updateÉric Chatellier10/07/2014 11:01 AMTests2.2

2281AnomalieNouveauHautCan not generate with new wayTony Chemit10/07/2014 11:01 AMgeneration docutils2.2

2155AnomalieNouveauHautNew way to generate does not work if no networkTony Chemit10/07/2014 11:01 AMgeneration docutils2.2

2142AnomalieNouveauNormalTable of content in PDF documentationJerome Pages06/19/2012 05:40 PMdocumentation2.2

2141AnomalieNouveauNormalResolve resources for the PDF documentionJerome Pages06/19/2012 05:36 PMdocumentation2.2

2140EvolutionNouveauNormalA link of the PDF documentation on the siteJerome Pages06/19/2012 05:27 PMdocumentation2.2

2116AnomalieNouveauNormalHyperlinks in a title with xdoc are not supportedJerome Pages06/08/2012 10:54 AMgeneration docutils2.2

1964AnomalieNouveauNormalCan't render link with imageÉric Chatellier09/29/2014 02:40 PMgeneration legacy2.2

1822AnomalieNouveauNormalOption list strangely generatedJean Couteau09/29/2014 02:40 PMgeneration legacy2.2

1819AnomalieNouveauNormalSubtitiles not parsed with only one characterÉric Chatellier09/29/2014 02:40 PMgeneration legacy2.2

1661AnomalieNouveauNormalError with RST transformation in MS WindowsSebastián Zaffarano09/29/2014 02:40 PMgeneration legacy2.2

1563AnomalieNouveauNormalproblem with footnoteKevin Cardineaud09/29/2014 02:40 PMgeneration legacy2.2

1521EvolutionNouveauNormalFill implementation of rst2rst to improves testsSylvain Letellier06/08/2012 10:54 AMTests2.2

1520EvolutionNouveauNormalAdd some files in test to idenfy all bugsSylvain Letellier09/29/2014 02:40 PMTests2.2

1389EvolutionNouveauNormalImprove testsÉric Chatellier09/29/2014 02:40 PMgeneration legacy2.2

1170EvolutionNouveauNormalCreate new directive for plantuml integrationBenjamin Poussin06/08/2012 10:54 AMgeneration docutils2.2

931EvolutionNouveauNormalUse maven 3 apiTony Chemit06/08/2012 10:54 AM2.2

572EvolutionNouveauNormalCreate a help directiveJean Couteau06/08/2012 10:54 AMgeneration docutils2.2

571EvolutionNouveauNormalGenerate a file with a directive URLsJean Couteau06/08/2012 10:54 AMgeneration docutils2.2


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